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β€œIt’s a big eye-opener for many people. Buying from an exchange means using their custodial wallet and, even if it’s just temporarily while you purchase the coins, the cryptocurrency is still not as secure as it could be β€” the Wallet now lets users sidestep exchanges altogether, so your Bitcoin Cash is under your control from the moment you buy it.”

Roger Ver

Roger Ver

β€œAs a blockchain game store, the biggest obstacle for us was to make non-crypto users to pay within games. We were looking for an on-ramp solution to make it easier to buy EOS. With BUYbit, we were able to cut down a lengthy process into just a few steps. We believe BUYbit will break down huge barriers-to-entry for users unfamiliar with blockchain / cryptocurrencies, and help onboard many new users.”

Asung Gill

Asung Gill

ITAM Games

β€œDelightful experience is rare and paramount in crypto wallets. BUYbit helped us build an integrated, seamless and simple way to buy crypto.”

Ouriel Ohayon

Ouriel Ohayon


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